Taking Responsibility as a Leader

leader choose responsibility followersWhat do paranoid schizophrenics and self-proclaimed leaders have in common?

Wherever they go, they think people are following them.

The truth is, people are following you – and odds are it’s more people than you think. But none of them are following you because you chose to be a leader. You don’t get to choose to be a leader – it’s not in your power. You only become a leader when someone else chooses to follow you.

Sure, there are things you can do to help people choose to follow you, but ultimately it’s their decision. They are responsible for their choices just as you’re responsible for yours.

So what can you choose as a leader? The first choice you have is to take responsibility for those you’re already leading. Look around. Who is looking to you? Who is waiting to follow your lead? Your kids? Your boss? Your twitter followers? That client? That coworker?

No one is an island; your life influences the lives of those around you – in your family, your community, your workplace. Regardless of whether you take responsibility for them or not, you’re still responsible for your actions and the effect those actions have on others.

Once you start to sense the people you influence – and take responsibility for them – then you’re ready to start leading on purpose. You’re ready to take them someplace worthwhile. You’re ready to start living for something beyond yourself.

Who are you leading in your life? And, more importantly, where are you leading them?

7 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility as a Leader”

  1. I hear you, Dan. We don’t realize how many people we’re actually leading every day. When I think about it, it makes me live my life more intentionally.

    As always, thanks for your thoughts!

  2. I totally enjoyed this. I never saw myself as a leader, never. I realized two weeks ago I am a leader if others choose to follow.

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