Teambuilding Step Zero: Build Trust

leading trustNewsflash: You’re self-absorbed.

Don’t feel bad, though; you’re in good company. Like me. And about 6.8 billion other people. Self-absorption is harmless enough – until we start interacting with other people. That’s when it gets ugly. The problem is, even though individual self-absorption is the root reason why most teams aren’t what they could be, we rarely deal with it head-on.

Here’s how it usually works. After assembling any team we typically run through the following steps in this order (more or less):

1. Decide on a vision
2. Create a strategic plan
3. Assign tasks to people
4. Get buy-in from everyone
5. Execute, supervise & adjust

Okay, some of you are thinking, I wish my team even did that. The problem is that even this process isn’t enough. It’s full of good stuff like thinking and strategizing and inspiring and implementing. But no one ever takes the time to acknowledge that we’re all sitting in a room full of self-absorbed human beings who are – at their very core – out for themselves.

The first step, Step Zero, must be:

0. Build Trust

Building trust reduces self-absorption and helps people get over themselves. Only then will members of a team know that they’re safe, that they’re taken care of, and that someone has their back. This frees them to commit wholeheartedly to the team and focus on accomplishing the mission.

How are you dealing with the self-absorption of your followers?

5 thoughts on “Teambuilding Step Zero: Build Trust”

  1. This is a great post and seems very much in alignment with a process I had gone through. I am glad I follow you on Twitter as you have great nuggets to pick up throughout the day/week. I never thought of Step 0 in that way, but God blessed me in that when I first joined the team, I wanted to get to know everyone, their view of the team, the project and I believe it helped me build trust. This is a great reminder as I look forward in my career and what God is preparing before me.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    1. Sounds like you naturally completed step 0 for yourself – good job! As you move forward, I’d be on the lookout for how you can help others go through a similar process. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  2. I think it was actually someone I follow on Twitter who tweeted your post. Looking at your LinkedIn profile I realized this, but I still feel it is a great post. I just wanted to let you know I wasn’t following you on Twitter, but with blogs like this, it could be a good idea. :) Thanks.

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