Top Ten Posts for April 2011


April was a busy month for me. I spent most of it getting settled in my new job. These were the month’s top posts:

1. Leading like Michelangelo

2. Are you Communicating your Leadership?

3. Leadership or Manipulation?

4. Can You Teach Social Media Skills?

5. How to Share Credit without Losing Any

6. Leadership Lessons from Watching Football

7. Why Empathy Isn’t Enough

8. Option 3: BAYONETS!

9. How Do You Harvest Great Ideas?

10.  Planning on Purpose

The top ten for April were a nice mix of new posts (2, 4, 5, 10) and classics (1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9).

If you blog, what was your best post in April?

One thought on “Top Ten Posts for April 2011”

  1. My best post in April?

    I’d say Bloomin’ Mathematics!

    Whilst my blog is for teachers mostly, I’d say asking great questions is something we should all be doing! So maybe Bloom’s Taxonomy can offer everybody food for thought?

    A great session I attended some time back – the lecturer said that he asked his children each day ‘Have you asked a good question today?’

    That struck a chord with me, it’s something I ask of myself. I make sure I tell my students when they ask great questions.

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