Top Ten Posts for June 2011

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June was the second best month ever on, thanks in part to Tom Peters, which I’ll explain below. But first, here are the top posts, in case you missed them:

1. 3 Things Leaders Need to Take

2. Leading with your “Yes”

3. The 7 Elements of Surprise

4. Leading like Michelangelo

5. Leadership or Manipulation?

6. The Gift of Receiving

7. Watch Your Words

8. Why Ask Why?

9. 3 Tips for Displacing False Beliefs

10. How to Drive Clarity as a Leader

The best story in this data is in how #1 got there—I actually wrote that post over a year ago. To be honest, I don’t even consider it one of my best articles. However, on June 2nd I reposted it, sending a link out on twitter and posting it on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Tom Peters is a best-selling author and fierce instigator whom I follow on twitter. He saw the link, read the article and sent this reply:


This one innocent tweet unleashed an avalanche of traffic to that post and the rest of the site. Tom probably never gave that tweet a second thought, but it kept sending people to my site for days.

We’re like that as leaders too. You may never know the impact of a kind word, a gentle correction, or even a smile on someone around you. It could pay them dividends for years. All the more reason to lead well…all the time.

If you blog, what was your best post story in June?

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