To Change Or Not To Change…

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One of the toughest decisions a leader has to to make at any given moment is whether to stay the course or make a change.

I’ve heard plenty of stories about strong leaders who stayed the course—through distractions, trials and temptations—and won the victory in the end. Unfortunately, I’ve heard just as many stories of leaders who kept doing what they were doing only to be surpassed by more agile competitors who adapted to change quicker than they could.

So how do you know the difference between a challenge to be taken in stride and a challenge that demands you to change your plans?

The key is to keep focused on your purpose, not just your plan.

While none of us can see the future, we can all keep our eyes on what’s important—on the reason why we are doing whatever it is we are doing. That “Why” can help us answer any question—be it strategic, tactical or anything in between.

If a challenge makes the journey more painful or uncomfortable, but doesn’t endanger the fulfillment of your purpose, then suck it up. However, if a new challenge significantly hinders your purpose, adjust your plan immediately.

How do you choose between sticking to your guns or changing things up?

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