Top Ten Posts for August 2011

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In case you missed them, here are the top ten posts from last month:

1. Leading with your “Yes”

2. What Darth Vader Taught me about People

3. The Power of Authentic Questions

4. Achieving Escape Velocity

5. 10 Rules of Tech-etiquette

6. Leadership or Manipulation?

7. 7 Reasons Why No One is Following You

8. 10 Things I Learned from Boy Scouts

9. To Change Or Not To Change…

10. How to Focus Your Main Effort



If you blog, what was your best post in August?

One thought on “Top Ten Posts for August 2011”

  1. Geoffrey, lots of great posts in August, thank you!

    My favorite was “What Darth Vader Taught Me About People” because it addressed one of THE most fundamental challenges of leadership: acquiring empathy and teaching others to empathize.

    If we look around, in our community, around the country or around the world, you’ll see we often operate with the model of US vs. THEM; the GOOD vs. the BAD. And, as you so cleverly described in your post, you and Darth Vader teach us that it’s not the simple. Great stuff!

    On my own blog, my top post was “Are You Crazy Like Steve Jobs?”

    Crazy, not in a derogatory sense, but rather “crazy” as in connoting audacity. Vision. Genius.

    People seemed to enjoy it and I’m glad they did. As a friend of mine said, “we’re all raving fans” of Steve Jobs. He showed us what you can do when you combine technical brilliance with design and disciplined execution.

    Thanks again Geoffrey!

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