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September was a banner month here on the Leading on Purpose blog. After starting the month off with a post on the illusion of control, I ran a 6-post series on my core values as a leader. The series included and introduction, 2 posts on Freedom (individual & corporate), 1 post on Service & 2 posts on Trust (it’s power & facets).

Here were the month’s top performers:

1. What Darth Vader Taught me about People

2. Leading with your “Yes”

3. The Power of Authentic Questions

4. My 3 Core Values as a Leader

5. The 4 Facets of Trust

6. Leadership Lessons from Watching Football

7. 5 Tips for Knowing When to Stop

8. Leadership or Manipulation?

9. 4 Ways to Set Your People Free

10. 10 Things I Learned from Boy Scouts

I think Darth Vader led the list because of the release of the Star Wars movies in Blu-ray and “Leadership Lessons from Watching Football” always makes a resurgence in the Fall. The rest were either new this month or perennial favorites.

If you blog, what was your best post in September?

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