Leap Challenge Day 4: Harness the Power of Purpose

LeadershipNow that we’ve got you down to one dream, there’s still a lot to think about. Should you focus on your future vision or your current reality? Should you focus on the big picture or the details? The strategy or the tactics?

The simple answer: Yes.

How do you focus on both? By focusing on the one thing that simultaneously gives significance to your grand vision and meaning to your everyday actions: Purpose.

Your purpose—why you are pursuing this dream—is critical to defining success, making decisions, staying motivated, and remaining flexible. To find your purpose, you must honestly answer, “Why do you want to achieve this dream?”

Leap Task #4: Write out in your Leap Journal your purpose for pursuing this dream.

You may think you know why you’re going after this particular dream, but I urge you, write it down in your Leap Journal anyway. The process of forcing yourself to clearly articulate why you’re pursuing this dream will serve to focus your effort. Not to mention that having it as a reference will come in handy if—or rather, when—things get tough in the future.

Any surprises when you delved into why you’re pursuing this particular dream?


5 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 4: Harness the Power of Purpose”

  1. Hi Geoff.

    My reasons started out fairly typical, but following my own writing method which is to just freefall into the page and type non-stop while thoughts spew forth, I learned that this dream of mine might resolve some long-held issues I have with anxiety and shyness, and be tied to how I approach motherhood.  Talk about a leap! 

    I went from “it’s just a vanity pursuit” to ” practice what I preach and do what fuels me, fires me up – not just settle for what is practical” in one long paragraph.  My most important life goal is for my children to live happy lives.  Writing is tied to my own happiness (though it doesn’t drive the bus), so time to make it more than a hobby!

  2. My reasons did not surprise me, but the detail involved in pursuing this dream did surprise me. As I got into writing out my reasons, I suddenly realized the many facets involved with this dream. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment with what fulfilling this dream will take and also by what it could me if it has the impact that I pray it does.

    1. Sounds like all the makings of a great adventure! Don’t worry, we’ll corral all those details in the next few weeks and deal with the impact of your dream all in due time. One day at a time :-)

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