Leap Challenge Day 9: Neutralize False Beliefs

leadershipNothing hinders us more than the lies we believe about ourselves.

For a little over a week you’ve been using your spirit to dream big, discern value, and drive insight. Tomorrow you’ll start using your heart to explore the emotional and relational requirements of achieving your dream. Before we move on, however, we must expose any false beliefs we may be unconsciously clinging to.

Beliefs drive behavior. So if your beliefs are faulty, your behavior will naturally follow suit—and no amount of willpower or gritting teeth will ever change it.

Leap Task #9: Read the article “3 Tips for Displacing False Beliefs” then write down any lies you believe about yourself that have kept you from achieving your dream.

After you’ve written out the false beliefs you’ve bought into about yourself, write down a truth that counters each one.

I realize this is a big task, but if you’ve been doing the tasks up to this point, your spirit is primed for this. Don’t worry about finishing it today—definitely start it today, but don’t worry about resolving this in the next 24 hours. Simply identifying a false belief—or, for some, the possibility that they have one—is a powerful step in the right direction.

What have you unwittingly believed that has held you back from your dream?

10 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 9: Neutralize False Beliefs”

  1. Another tough exercise that came on a frustrating day. But, I did it anyway in hopes that it was exactly what I needed to struggle through this feeling. Here’s what I came up with: It doesn’t matter. Who wants to hear it anyway? What difference will it make? Who cares? No one will listen to me. People don’t consider me a leader. People are too busy to try to change. My writing isn’t good enough. I can’t make money doing this.
    So, writing these down just made me feel naked. Doesn’t matter the project. These doubts are at the heart whenever I struggle in writing or even life in general.

    1. Kari, thanks again for your honesty; it’s so refreshing. I’ve heard a number of those voices in my own head and heart. With all that exposed, what are the truths that counter the lies? 

      1. Ok, here goes… It matters to me. God does. It is therapy for me.
        God cares. No one needs to listen. As I follow Christ, I am a leader. If I can
        change, others can change. My writing is pretty good. If others can, so can I. But MORE THAN THOSE TRUTHS is the truth that I KNOW the Holy Spirit is leading me to do this. Nothing matters but that.

  2. This task is different—and transformational—every time I do it. This time, the lie that I exposed was “This is just going to happen—it’s just that important—nothing can stop it, it’s just going to happen.”

    Sounds good at first pass. But I realized that I’ve been whispering that to myself for years now. The truth is, it’s NOT just going to happen. I’ve got to play my part. I’ve got to employ my gifts, my time, my sweat, my tears.

  3. All the lies I have believed came from being bullied and marginalized in school (apparently it was a crime against coolness to be smart and get good grades), and from being in a long term relationship that revolved around the emotions/drama of another.  I have worked very hard as a free adult to realize that the vision I had of me was all crap. 

    Happily I was raised by parents that thought I could do anything and I hung on to that through the dysfunctional school and marriage relationships.  I’ve got that feeling back.  The remaining issue I have is shyness and anxiety.  I feel it.  I have it.  I struggle with it.  But perhaps that is a lie too?  Maybe that is just the clinging remains of the negativity foisted upon me.  I have to quit believing in that.  I admit, that is very hard and kind of scary.  It’s stupid really, that not believing in the negative is scary.  But it is.  I don’t really know why.

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