Leap Challenge Day 13: Identify Key Influencers

LeadershipIf your dream is big, you won’t accomplish it in a vacuum. You’ll encounter all kinds of people. Some will be for you, others against you. You can leverage them both to propel your dream toward reality.

But you have to identify them first.

Leap Task #13: Write down the names of key people who can influence the success of your dream.

Search for people you know who fit the following categories:

1. Confidants. These are people who support you personally. They include mentors and advisors as well as close family and friends. It should be a small group—made up of not many more names than you gathered for Leap Task 11 (Choose Who to Tell).

2. Coworkers. These are people who will work with you to achieve the goal. It doesn’t matter how big or small their role or responsibility, if they’ll be part of the extended team that makes it all happen, write down their name.

3. Contacts. These are people who can indirectly help your cause or know people who can. This is where your network comes into play. Everyone has a network. Think outside the box—acquaintances at church, colleagues at work, the parents of your kids’ friends—anyone who might be able to forward your cause.

4. Critics. These are people who are either against your you or your dream. Try to anticipate who they may be. They might be openly belligerent or they might just be the undermining type. Either way, identify them now (we’ll deal with them later in the challenge).

How easy will it be to assemble your team when the time comes?

5 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 13: Identify Key Influencers”

  1. For the most part, not hard. Many of them already support my writing and help me out when I ask. For some, it may be more difficult as they are truly pressed for time and have already turned down a similar idea from me in the past. The “coworker” category was difficult. Well, not really in that I didn’t put anybody down. Maybe someone will come to mind eventually, but it’s not there right now.

    1. “Coworkers” is a broad category. Could be someone who proofreads your writing. It could be an unknown person—or people—who will take up your cause and spread the word. It could be the members of a community you hope to build. 

  2. Going to try posting this for a third time.  None of my comments seem to stick.

    My confidantes are my most important team members.  They are my children and my sister.  Coworkers are critical as many are friends, and some are writers and marketers.  All of them have connections I don’t.  I can’t think of one critic, but perhaps that is because I have only recently “come out” as a writer.   I don’t know what assembling this team is going to look like, but I love the idea that I have a team!

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