Are You Behind on the Leap Challenge?

LeadershipWe’re half-way through the Leap Challenge and I’ve had a few people ask how to “catch up” since they’re behind on the tasks. I figure there are probably even more out there asking the same question. You may have been overwhelmed by life, or maybe you got a late start. Whatever your situation, I have two suggestions:

1. Continue to do the tasks in order, just “leap” a few days after the rest of us do it on Leap Day. Normally I’d say this isn’t a big deal (you can start this challenge any day of any month), but part of the power of the challenge is the solidarity that comes with knowing that a community is committed to seeing this through now. Yes, we’re all pursuing our individual dreams, but we’re doing it together, and we’re not putting it off any longer.

2. Play catch-up. You can do this by doubling up tasks everyday. If you started today and doubled up on the tasks, you would finish on time with everyone else.

To facilitate option #2 I’ve combined a couple of tasks in the second half of the challenge so that we can have a “Catch-up” day this Saturday. So there won’t be a new leap task this Saturday, February 18th—it’s a free day for you to catch up if you need to. Block some time away and do it, you won’t regret it.

Would a catch up day be helpful to you?

4 thoughts on “Are You Behind on the Leap Challenge?”

  1. Oh yes, Geoff!  I’m extremely behind.  Like… I’ve only done the first two challenges!  Don’t fire me!!!  I’m excited about this but I’m lucky if I do one challenge a week! SLow Gee is my name.  I know this isn’t the crawl challenge….sorry.

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