LeadershipOne of the first things a young aviator learns is how to construct a Time-Distance-Heading (TDH) Card. Before the days of the GPS, a TDH card got you to our destination by leading you there one waypoint at a time.

Now that you’ve broken your dream into a few big objectives (or waypoints), it’s time to refine them and make sure they serve you well, bringing you safely to your dream destination.

Leap Task #16: Read the article “Shooting for the Moon,” then make sure each of your objectives meets the SMART criteria.

In your Leap Journal I suggest you list each of your objectives. Then, under each one write a concise statement specifying what it is and why it’s both ambitious and realistic. Next, list a metric for each objective—how will you know when you have achieved each one? Finally add a timeline for each. When will you start working on this objective? When do you plan to finish it? Will you work on each objective sequentially or can some be tackled simultaneously? For sequential objectives, what’s the best order?

How do you feel about your plan so far?


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