Leap Challenge Day 20: Create Your Timeline

LeadersNow that you know the major objectives you have to achieve in order to make your dream a reality, it’s time to determine when—and in what order—you should tackle them.

Leap Task #20: Lay out your objectives in a timeline.

Here are 3 tips for creating a viable timeline:

1. Order matters. Look for dependencies—some objectives probably build upon others. String these together in the proper order. Next, place the remaining objectives—those independent of the others—in the timeline where they seem to fit, but not in a way that overloads any one point in time.

2. Backward plan. Start with the end (i.e. your vision) in mind and work backward, one step at a time. Assign the time you think each objective will require. Once you have all the objectives in place, tweak the time allotted to each objective to ensure they all fit between now and your targeted end-date.

3. Assign time blocks. Not everything starts at once. Assign each objective a start date and an end date. Do not plan everything to run simultaneously. That said, while some objectives will run sequentially, expect others to run concurrently.

How do you feel about your timeline?

5 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 20: Create Your Timeline”

  1. Not sure I did this in the detail intended, but I did what does not overwhelm me. What would overwhelm me is if I created a detailed something just for the sake of creating it. I just figured I would create a timeline that made sense in my head, even if it’s not what others typicall do. And yes, it is specific, just no spreadsheet, etc.

    1. Sounds like what you’ve done fits the bill: 1. It’s specific 2. It’s not just work for work’s sake. Perfect. Certainly doesn’t need to be what others would do.

      I would write it down if you haven’t already. :-)

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