Leap Challenge Day 23: Communicate your Plan

LeadershipNow that your plan is in place, it’s time to let the right people know about it.

Leap Task #23: If you haven’t already, explain your plan to those who need to know.

Go back to your list of key influencers and determine who you need to bring on board. Don’t just consider those who will be directly involved—be sure to get buy-in from anyone who will have to sacrifice something (your family, your boss, etc.).

Things to keep in mind when conveying your plan:

  • Watch Yourself. Be wary of who you tell and what effect it may have on your performance (See Task #11: Choose Who To Tell).
  • Keep it Simple. Distill your message down to the fundamental core concepts and get these down pat. This is your “elevator speech.” You can add the rest as needed.
  • Explain Why. Always begin by explaining why not going after this dream is undesirable for both you and them. Once they understand how untenable the present is, then—and only then—unveil your vision.
  • Talk about them. Every human being’s default is to think about themselves, so whomever you’re speaking with, speak in terms of that person and what they care about. Always highlight (honestly) what they will get out of all this.
  • Invite their thoughts…and genuinely consider them. Don’t do the former if you have no intention of doing the latter. This simple gesture will increase your chances of gaining their commitment more than anything else.
  • Practice. Even if it’s a simple conversation or a phone call. Write out some notes—not a script—and run through it a few times to get it down.
  • Use both sides of your brain. Include passion and precision. Seek to be both convincing and compelling. Lay out your purpose and your plan.

What other tips do you have for getting buy-in?

One thought on “Leap Challenge Day 23: Communicate your Plan”

  1. Getting buy-in is something that comes naturally for me. Before I even decided to pursue this project for the Leap Challenge, I had gotten buy-in from several people. It seems that getting buy-in is my way of confirming what I need to pursue sometimes. My one tip for getting buy-in is to live the life. In other words, I think I got buy-in so easily because my life truly reflects the story that I am going to tell through this project. I’ve lived it, and others see the benefit that my experience could have for a lot of other people.

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