Leap Challenge Day 24: Face your Fear

LeadershipSo far on this challenge you’ve forged a purposeful vision, identified a team of supporters, and developed a detailed plan. For the days we have left, we’ll be preparing to execute your plan, leverage those supporters, and realize that vision.

With five days left until you take the leap on your big dream, you should be sensing it now. That uneasiness deep in your gut. That coppery taste in the back your mouth. That shadow of panic flitting in the back or your mind. All symptoms of one thing: Fear.

Leap Task #24: Read the article, “Leveraging your Fear as a Leader“, write down your fears in your Leap Journal, and commit to moving forward despite them.

It’s time to drag your fears related to this dream into the daylight and confront them. Ignoring them won’t help. Imagining them away won’t work. Posturing and pretending will only make matters worse.

For some it’s the fear of failing—again. Others are afraid of rejection. Still others are terrified of actually succeeding. Whatever they are, dig deep and expose your fears. It will dilute their power and allow you to move forward with your eyes wide open.

What is your greatest fear associated with your dream?


10 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 24: Face your Fear”

  1. My greatest fears are fear
    of rejection and fear of succeeding. If I’m rejected, what was the point? Do I
    just do this for myself? If I succeed, will the balance in my life go away?
    Will I find myself busier than I want to be? I don’t fear failure in that I know I will complete the project, but I guess I fear it in the sense that rejection would feel like failure.

    1. I agree. I think it’s all wrapped up in the fear of the future unknown—as compared to the “known” present. I try to remind myself that the future is coming—and bringing change with it—so I might as well do whatever I can to shape and influence it.

      1. I tell myself to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable,” but the problem is that I like being comfortable too much. Change can be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary and inevitable. I tell myself these things but still fight against them sometimes.

    1. Yeah, somehow rejection has a direct line to our self-worth. Cutting that line can be powerful. One of my friends asked a successful entrepreneur what his secret was to getting support. He replied simply, “I’d don’t mind people telling me ‘no'”.

  2. I fear failure, but also success to some degree.  Success brings visibility.  Visibility is frightening.  I think that’s be greatest fear, but I am taking steps now to lessen that, putting myself “out there” as much as possible.  Trying very hard to not just step outside my comfort zone but, well – leap! :)

    1. Great dissection of your fear, Julie. The more we understand the origins of our fears and how they attack us, the clearer our response and lesser their effect. Thanks for sharing—and leaping!

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