Leap Challenge Day 27: Prepare for Resistance

LeadershipIf you’re attempting anything of significance, expect resistance. Try to do anything extraordinary and you’ll immediately feel the gravity of the status quo pulling you back to the common level of life.

Task #27: Anticipate the resistance you’ll face and prepare your response now; write it down in your Leap Journal.

At the first sign of trouble, most people attempting something great are ambushed by their own emotions. Think of the advantage you’d have if you already knew how you would respond to a specific trial.

No doubt you put some thought into this while testing your overall plan. However, the responses you came up with were planning responses, not necessarily emotional ones. Explore the following possible roadblocks—how would they make you feel and how will you personally respond to them?

  • Opposition. What if someone openly opposes you and/or your dream?
  • Success. How will you respond if opportunities present themselves sooner than you had planned?
  • Setbacks. How will you feel if something doesn’t go according to your plan—such as failing to meet a critical deadline?
  • Doubt. What will you do when you begin to lose faith in your ability to accomplish this dream?

What would be your biggest roadblock and how will you emotionally respond to it?


5 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 27: Prepare for Resistance”

  1. My biggest roadblock will be success. I am so set against becoming overwhelmed and busy again that I am afraid that I might avoid success so it doesn’t happen. Also, I don’t know what success looks like exactly with this, so I am not sure I’ll know it when it happens. Guess I need to keep committing this to prayer and trust the Holy Spirit’s revealing of truth within me.

    1. There’s something tragically poetic about success being a roadblock. I love it.

      Understanding how it will make you feel is half the battle to break the roadblock. The other half is deciding before it happens (not after) how you’ll react to it. 

  2. I have been successful before in man’s eyes, and I got burned out and crashed. Hence my fear of being successful again. I am praying that this time it’s success in God’s eyes and the overwhelming, life-sucking success is a thing of the past. I think I have learned from the past, and this time will be different.

  3. I had an opportunity present itself last week, related to writing but not specifically to this goal (though it may help achieve it).  I jumped all over it and some of my blog posts are being published (yes, I can say published) on an online news site as a regular column!  Now that I know how I respond to success, I think my biggest roadblock will be self-doubt.  In the past few days, there have been about 25 comments on my blog. sounds good?  All spam.  It eats at the confidence that just got built up the week before, which is kind of silly as I write it out.   None of these spammers have anything to do with me or my goal.  Why do I let that bother me?  Have to shake it off…

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