Leap Challenge Day 28: Inspire Yourself!

LeadershipCongratulations! You’ve made it to February 28th, Leap Day Eve. It’s time to look back through all you’ve accomplished to prepare yourself for tomorrow.

Task #28: Inspire yourself by reading your entire Leap Journal from the beginning.

Soak up all the thoughts and emotions and ideas and fears and commitments and interactions and hopes and disciplines you’ve recorded over the past month. Take it all in and be proud of the work you’ve done to prepare yourself to leap into your big dream tomorrow.

Feel free to tweak or modify or expand areas or tasks that you aren’t yet satisfied with. Put on the finishing touches and take a deep breath, because tomorrow…

We leap!

Do you feel ready to leap tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 28: Inspire Yourself!”

  1. Well, tomorrow is today, and I do feel ready to leap. Reading through my leap journal was cool because I saw some themes that may serve as chapters or focus areas in what I’m writing. Didn’t notice those before.

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