You Get What You Give

leadershipWant more from your followers? More commitment, more passion, more focus, more imagination? More results?

Then give more. You get what you give as a leader.

Don’t expect others to miraculously take the first step—that’s your job! The definition (and responsibility) of a leader is to initiate, assume risk, and be the first to open up.

Trust them and they’ll trust you.

Believe in them and they’ll believe in you.

Commit to them and they’ll commit to you.

Care about them and they’ll care about you.


Distrust them and they’ll distrust you.

Disrespect them and they’ll disrespect you.

Give them the minimum and they’ll give you the minimum.

Betray them and they’ll betray you.


Fight for them and they’ll fight for you.

Work hard for them and they’ll work hard for you.

Tell them the truth and they’ll tell you the truth.

Sacrifice for them and they’ll sacrifice for you.

How will you ante up with those you’re leading today?

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