Leap Challenge Day 5: Give Your Spirit a Break

LeadershipThe tasks we’ve done so far—brainstorming dreams, assigning timelines, choosing one dream, and articulating your purpose—have stirred up everything from inspiration to indigestion.

Right now some of you can’t wait to jump in and start moving toward your dream. Others are overwhelmed by what they’ve uncovered and are more unsure than ever about this whole challenge. Many are experiencing both of those simultaneously!

Today’s task is simple:

Leap Task #5: Rest—give your spirit a break.

Whatever your dream, the journey to realize it will be a long one—not a short trip around the corner. If we’re going to be successful in this pursuit, we are going to have to master the art of resting. It’s critical to avoid burnout and capitulation.

So take a break today from whatever is itching at your spirit—be it anticipation or anxiety or anything else. Replace it instead with trust. Trust that you have everything you need to bring your dream to fruition at the proper time. Trust that this month of tasks—taken one day at a time—will set you up for success.

Was this task easy or hard for you? Why?

15 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 5: Give Your Spirit a Break”

  1. Up till this point. I have done all these tasks before. The idea has been around. I have never seen it executed in this manor.

    Allowing trust is important, and difficult.  

    1. I’ll admit there’s nothing new in the tasks themselves, but what they produce is different every time—and, as with most things, what you get out is directly proportional to what you put in.

  2. This task was an easy one for me. Sundays are pretty laid back and restful for me on a regular basis. I make a point to rest most of the day and to not schedule much of anything. This habit really sets up my week to be more productive.

    1. You go, Kari. I struggle with keeping a weekly Sabbath—especially with 3 kids under 4 years old in our home! But I can testify to the difference it makes when I’m successful.

      1. Unfortunately, this habit is one I now stick to because of crashing and burning not too long ago. I got so burned out from not taking time to rest that I had to totally reset my life. I don’t want to go through that again.

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