Leap Challenge Day 8: A Ruthless Look at Reality

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Yesterday you imagined the finish line. You envisioned what wild success would look like. You took a sip of future victory.

Now it’s time to get brutally honest with yourself. No engineer would ever build a bridge having only surveyed the far side. Inspecting the near side—what you’re going to be building from—is just as important.

Where are you today in relationship to your future vision? Don’t pull any punches. The more honest you can be, the more progress you will see.

Leap Task #8: In your Leap Journal, write down a detailed account of where you are now with respect to accomplishing your dream.

Write down the first things that come to mind without too much analysis. Record the hard facts as they stand today—don’t sugar coat anything and don’t give yourself any benefit of the doubt. At the same time, don’t sell yourself short or succumb to false humility. Make an honest and sober appraisal of your current reality.

Be ruthless with yourself. What have you done so far? What resources and support do you have? What obstacles stand before you?

How did today’s task make you feel?

11 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 8: A Ruthless Look at Reality”

  1. So far, the steps we’ve taken through this have overlapped significantly with the creation of my Life Plan.  Going through this with you has been great from the perspective of renewing and refreshing that process in my mind.  Looking forward to the rest of the month!

  2. This task made me feel like I have no good reason not to start on this project. I know exactly what the first part of it will entail and what I need to do. I have received confirmation from my husband that this is a worthwhile project to pursue. Yet, I continue to not start it. I’m feeling guilty for that.

  3. Today’s task made me feel like I’ve known what has held me back in past but I didn’t want to admit.  It’s me.  I hold me back.  I’m waiting on everything and everyone until the perfect moment to get this going.  That’s not going to come.  And I have to quit waiting.  It’s all on me. 

    Weird that in my professional life I hold myself accountable to everyone and everything.  I hold myself accountable to my children, to the promises I make them and to being a good mother.  I now have to hold myself accountable to myself, to my dreams.  

    I feel open.

  4. I’ve done this task before for other endeavors and often find myself where I am now: I have no idea how I’m going to get there (my vision) from here (my reality). I’m confident, though, that we’ll figure it out over the next few weeks. 

    Looking forward to it!

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