Leap Challenge Day 12: Recharge Your Heart

LeadershipLast Sunday you were asked to give your spirit a break. Today we’ll add another aspect of rest—recharging your heart. We’ve had some fairly emotional tasks in the last few days. That’s in addition to all the other emotional experiences you’ve had this week.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had an exuberant week or a devastating one, it’s a good idea to rest and recharge your heart at least once a week. This will be particularly useful during your quest to achieve your dream.

Leap Task #12: Rest—recharge your heart.

Resting one’s heart looks different for different people. For you it could be time alone reading a book or watching a movie. Or it might mean a big meal or long walk with family or friends. Find an activity that energizes you—one that you can “get lost” in—and work it into your schedule.

What recharges your heart?

3 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 12: Recharge Your Heart”

  1. My heart is recharged with a good sermon (like this morning’s), a good book, a good movie, good family time and good rest. Seems like the same things that I need for rest are the same things that recharge my heart physically, mentally and spiritually.

  2. I recharged this weekend when my wife took the kids and gave me a few hours free in a bookstore. I just walked around the whole store sampling pages from all sorts of different genres.

  3. My heart was recharged when I helped my children move home with me full time – no more back and forth.   I am giddy.  I feel like they’re little again, but in big people bodies.

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