Leap Challenge Day 10: Raise the Stakes

LeadershipThe past couple of tasks—staring down your current reality & false beliefs—can be pretty rough. If you’re like most people, this challenge has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster so far. Some tasks leave you feeling elated, energized and ready to take on the world, while others leave you discouraged, doubtful and ready to throw in the towel.

It’s time to take everything you’ve done up to this point and raise the stakes. What are you really fighting for and why is it worth it? What are the consequences of failure? What are the implications of success? Is it all enough to sustain you through the journey to reaching your goal?

If not, you need to up the ante.

Leap Task #10: Write down what’s on the line for you and others in your endeavor to accomplish this dream, then decide how you’re going to raise the stakes.

As you do this task, consider your “stakes” in these dimensions:

  1. To what extent are you personally (i.e. emotionally, financially, etc.) invested?
  2. To what extent are others affected by your dream’s success or failure?
  3. What do you and others stand to lose if you don’t succeed?
  4. What do you and others stand to gain if you do succeed?

This challenge has had a range of emotions so far—and so will the journey to realize your dream. Playing in a high stakes game is critical to maintaining focus through to the very end.

How did you raise your own stakes?

5 thoughts on “Leap Challenge Day 10: Raise the Stakes”

  1. What’s at stake the most is following the will of God. If I don’t do this, I will not be in His will. That’s huge. Knowing this so fully makes me personally and emotionally invested. As for being financially invested, I would like to have an income off of blogging (hopefully soon), and so spending my time on this project is a part of that. My husband has been encouraging me to tackle this project, and he will be affected in that he knows this is something I need to do. I think he’ll not only be happy for me achieving it, but he was there through most of the journey too and has an interest in helping others through
    the project as well. If I don’t do this, others may not get the direction they need to become healthy. They may live in pain or sickness an unable to find a way through without someone helping them. In that, others will gain by finding a healthy lifestyle
    where a chronic, undiagnosed illness will no longer be the focus of their lives. These are people who have been to doctor after doctor and had test after test only to be told there’s nothing wrong and they have to live with their symptoms. Either that or their symptoms have been masked by medication. I want to help others out of that pit and to help make it happen more quickly than it did for me (38 years).

  2. I don’t think I raised the stakes, I just defined them. 

    I battle with anxious demons who want to sabotage my efforts, who tell me that I don’t really want my words to be read when I know that I do.   The agency relationship would help slay that demon.  Or at least cut him off at the kneecaps.  At stake is my growing confidence and self-esteem. 

    If I am wildly successful at reaching this particular dream (and the next), I stand to gain an opportunity to live my life the way I want.  I stand to gain complete freedom.

    OK, maybe I did raise the stakes just a little.. :)

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