Leap Challenge Day 19: Relax your Mind

Leadership RestThe first Sunday of the Leap Challenge you were asked to give your spirit a break and last week you were instructed to recharge your heart. Adding on to those, today I’d like you to turn off your scheming brain.

For so many of us a “day off” means a day that we don’t do anything that is directly related to our occupation. But how many of us, while we’re trying to enjoy ourselves, start inadvertently thinking about that problem at work or how we’re going to fix this or that—or that “good idea” that’ll change everything.

Then we wonder why we don’t feel rested come Monday morning. It’s because we never really rested—at least not in our minds.

Leap Task #19: Rest—relax your mind.

So today when you realize that you’re scheming—even if it’s about your dream—stop. Bring your mind back to the present moment. Enjoy where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with.

Let all the schemes go for a day. Let them incubate. Trust that they’ll hatch at the right time. Just not today.

How difficult was this task for you?

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