Leap Challenge Day 21: Resource your Plan

LeadershipYour plan should be shaping up nicely now. Time to make sure you have everything you need to knock it out of the park! It’s always best to match your resources to your tasks before you leap, instead of dealing with unexpected shortages and struggles once you’re fully engaged. You’ll have enough to worry about once you get started!

Leap Task #21: Allocate resources to your plan and fix the gaps.

Referencing your Leap Journal—especially the gap between your vision and where you are now, your key influencers, and your refined objectives—answer the following questions about each part of your plan:

  • People. What people do I need to get this done? What do I need from them—their hands, their brains, their network, their moral support? How will I find them? How will I approach them?
  • Time. How much time will this require? How will I adjust my busy schedule to make enough time available? How can I get creative with my time? What do I need to sacrifice?
  • Finances. How much money will I need? Where will the funding come from? Can I do this myself? Do I need investors? How long will it take to raise the necessary funds?
  • Knowledge. What kind of special knowledge or skill will I need? How will I acquire what I need? Where will I find it?
  • Material. What physical materials will I need? Do I have it already or do I need to acquire more? Do I need to buy it new or can I find what I need used?
  • Space. Do I need a specific space to work? Does it have to be a dedicated area or could it be a shared space? Does it need to be private or could it be public? What special requirements are needed in the space?

When you’re finished, identify areas where you don’t have enough resources and brainstorm ways to bridge the gap.

What resource needs did you uncover that aren’t listed above? What resource gaps (if any) did you identify?


One thought on “Leap Challenge Day 21: Resource your Plan”

  1. My one resource gap is the connection to an expert. I know a couple of experts, but they have been expressed being too busy to pursue a project like this. I’m praying that either that changes, or I find new experts willing to help with this. I may need to do some connecting on this specific project via social networking at some point. Other resources feel pretty solid though at this point.

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